Photography is my passion, and when I’m not taking pictures, I’m talking about taking pictures!

As Real2Reel’s Senior Media Producer, I’ll be on hand from concept to completion, to ensure your vision looks and sounds as good as it does in your head! It’s my job to plan and prepare for shoots, oversee technical and creative logistics, direct photography and oversee light and sound.

Born in Bagamoyo, I have a background in performing arts, and love all aspects of creation, not least making original music, and seeing the magic that so often unfolds during filming  and photography.

Phil Reader
Creative Director

I first left England to visit Tanzania in 1998, and soon fell in love with this country and made it my home. I founded Real2Reel in 2003 to develop and produce high-quality media, and over the past 20 years I’ve done just that! From drama to documentaries, from radio plays to reality TV, and from commercial to campaigns, it’s been quite a journey.

I specialise in  Communication for Development  and am passionate about the work we do for clients like UNICEF, WHO and UNIDO to create positive social impact in the world.

I’m constantly inspired by the vibrancy of Tanzania, and incredibly proud of the team we have here at Real2Reel. Good people doing truly great work (though perhaps I’m a tad biased)!

It’s my job to ensure the Real2Reel office and our projects run as efficiently as the German railways! That involves arranging film permits and visas, smoothing travel itineraries and schedules, ensuring compliance with Government laws and processes, and communicating effectively with clients, creatives, directors and officials.

I have a BA in Business Administration and relish using my administrative and accountancy skills to help Real2Reel flourish.  I’m never happier than multi-tasking, planning, prioritising and problem-solving in a fast-paced environment!

Born in Moshi, and with a background in tourism and customer care, I aim to serve you with a smile!

I’ve been producing for clients across Tanzania for more than 15 years, and I still love overseeing operations and logistics, including locations, catering, casting, wardrobe and make-up.

My work at Real2Reel involves balancing creative ideals with practical constraints, and keeping an eye on all aspects of our work to ensure we deliver quality products on budget and on time. I’m the one ensuring our creative team has everything it needs to create something incredible!

Originally from Kigoma, I have settled in Dar, though the closest I feel to home is on my shamba in Bagamoyo. Karibu!